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Beach Cleanups

ATTACC’s beach cleanups are the perfect opportunity for any volunteer unsure how to make a difference and help the environment. At each cleanup, volunteers meet up at a set location with at least two ATTACC members who provide gloves, compostable trash bags, and pick-up tools. Below, find tips and rules for the cleanups, as well as the dates of upcoming cleanups that you can sign up for.

Tips: "What should I bring?"
  • Clothes and shoes you don't mind getting dirty

  • If you have them, bring gardening, cloth, or other types of reusable gloves (if you don't, just let us know ahead of time)

  • Community service forms if applicable

  • A reusable water bottle with water in it

  • A small backpack or crossbody bag to hold your things

  • Any medications that may be needed (i.e. an inhaler, epipen, antihistamines)

  • Nothing that you wouldn't be okay with losing

Cleanup Rules
  • Stay within sight of the supervisors

  • Wear gloves at all times

  • Do not pick up needles or other sharp objects; if you find one please alert an ATTACC supervisor

  •  Do not pick up liquids or glass bottles; if you find one please alert an ATTACC supervisor

  • Listen to instructions given by ATTACC supervisors

  • Stay with the group and within the area designated by ATTACC supervisors

  • Be respectful of other volunteers, supervisors, and the area

  • During the pandemic: wear a mask at all times

  • During the pandemic: maintain a six feet distance from others at all times

upcoming Beach Cleanups
  • Sat, Nov 13
    Shorebird Park
    Nov 13, 2021, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    Shorebird Park, Foster City, CA 94404, USA
    Come to our beach cleanups to meet other environmental activists, help clean up our local environment, and learn more about climate change and how to make a difference in your community.
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