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Blog Writing

ATTACC's blog is one of the many ways that we try to share information and help educate other youth. Volunteer to help us share about a broad range of topics and opinions relating to climate change. If you are interested in submitting an individual post to be published, email us at Read on to learn more about our ongoing blog writer opportunities!

What is the attacc blog?

The ATTACC Blog is one of the ways that ATTACC shares information and youth perspectives about climate change. We strive to include a diverse range of stories and ideas through our posts and give others the information and inspiration that they need to take action. 

what is being a blog writer like?

As a blog writer on our team, you would work closely with our social media & website manager, the president of ATTACC, and other blog writers in order to create our unique blog feed. We want to hear your perspectives and ideas, so you will be expected to brainstorm your own post topics and will usually be allowed to write about whatever interests you (within reason). This is a volunteer position, and is open to everyone! Our goal is to create a community of writers who are passionate about the environment and can collaborate to create the ATTACC blog. You will be expected to attend our one hour long weekly meetings on a regular basis and complete your posts by the deadlines that you set for yourself. However, our team is relatively flexible, since most of the members are high school students and understand the workload that most students have. All posts will be properly attributed to their authors.

What are the expectations and commitments for this role?

Blog writers are expected to attend our weekly meetings whenever possible (once a month minimum). Additionally, writers will be expected to find their own topics and write accurate, academic articles. Writers should be submitting posts at least once every one or two months, but you are welcome to submit as frequently as you would like. We ask our writers to set their own deadlines and try their best to meet them in order for us to keep our posts regular.

All Blog writers must...

- Be respectful of others and differing perspectives

- Be willing to receive constructive feedback from our editors

- Have the ability to write in an academic setting and with a professional tone

- Be able to set and meet their own deadlines

- Have some amount of writing experience

Questions? Reach out to us by emailing attaccorganizATION@GMAIL.COM
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