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Educational Programs and Events

Students of all ages can learn more about climate change and the environment during our educational programs and presentations! Our goal through these programs is to educate youth about climate change and they ways they can help save the environment! We offer programs ranging in length, age group, and topics relating to climate change, so contact us to request a specific presentation or sign up for one of our programs here.

Beach Clean-Ups

Our beach clean ups provide a fun, hands on way for students to help the environment. This is an opportunity for students in grades 5-8 to personally experience the waste that is produced through our everyday actions and ends up in nature, then help to remove it from the environment and properly dispose of it.

Blog Writing

Write blog posts to publish on the ATTACC blog through these opportunities! You can choose whether you want to submit a single article or apply for an ongoing blog writer position. We are looking for voices of all different backgrounds and perspectives, so please feel welcome to submit an article or apply!

High School Volunteer Opportunities

High school students are invited to sign up as volunteers at ATTACC! Get involved in projects such as middle school presentation series, video series on our YouTube Channel, collaborations with other organizations, and more. You only need to commit to about one to two hours a week! If you are a highschooler looking to get more involved in the environmental movement, this is a great opportunity to do so!


Help us run these educational programs and beach cleanup events by donating, so we can reach out to more people and provide more opportunities to volunteer! All funds will go to purchasing resources and supplies for our organization, allowing it to run more smoothly and make even more of an impact.

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